Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime

Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime

Ray Bentley Endorses Randy Broberg And His New Book

Finding Meaning and Joy in the Midst of Afflictions, Illness, and Hardship

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About The Author: Randy Broberg

Randy Broberg is a lay pastor at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego, California. He is also a professor at the Maranatha Bible College and a leader of his church’s men’s ministry.Randy has practiced intellectual property law for 23 years and was a partner of several large law firms and served as a firmwide department chair.

Randy was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 1999 at the age of 38. During the first ten years after diagnosis, Randy continued practicing law and began teaching at his local church. He ended his law practice in 2010.

Randy continues to preach and teach at Maranatha, but he devotes his primary attention to life-coaching young men ages 22 to 40.

Randy has degrees in both classical studies and European history from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor of Law degree from the University of Virginia. He also attended the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece and the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy. For 30 years Randy has been married to his wife, Justine. They have two sons and a daughter.

About The Book: Overcoming

In the quest for a better coping strategy, I began a study of the Bible to see if it could help me cope with my Parkinson’s. I found the answers I was looking for in both the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and the New Testament: Joy and happiness do not come from your circumstances, they come from God through your spirit.

The book includes also the narrative of my early zeal for God which I set aside during college and did not have again until 17 years later when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It is a story of a prodigal son, who returned home only after his spiritual life was turned upside down.

Topics addressed in the book include: why we suffer, how God works everything for our good, how many ways God heals, coping with Parkinson’s, the power of prayer, when life seems unfair, experiencing God’s power in our lives, dealing with doubts, how and why we should thank God for everything, even the hardships we go through. and many others.

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Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime –finding meaning and joy in the midst of afflictions, illness, and hardship“.