How to Read the Bible seminar (short version) Slides

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Last Tuesday I taught the Men’s Ministry at Maranatha on the topic of H0w to Read the Bible — with purpose!.   This was a shorter version of my Saturday morning seminars that I’ve offered at several churches.

The slides are attached above but first a word of caution: the seminar and the class last Tuesday are designed to be very interactive, with people reading the Bible on their own and in groups and discussing their findings.  As a result, the slides attached only represent the first twenty minutes of a study that lasted nearly two hours.


Overview of Bibliology…How we got our Bible Slides

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In my Bibliology class for the Maranatha Bible College, I covered issues relating to our beliefs about the Bible in 14 two-hour lectures. Two Tuesdays ago, I covered it all in 1 hour. In addition, I shared several quotes from the false gospels that are very revealing. See attached slides above.

Respecting, Using and Obeying Prophecy

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Last night I spoke on this topic at the Maranatha Chapel Sunday evening service. Here are the slides.


And here you will find MP3 Audio of the lesson (it ends abruptly, sorry about that)



Dina Smith, sings O Holy Night.

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Upcoming teaching

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Tomorrow at 7 pm (Thursday, February 16) I am beginning a 12 week series on John’s First, Second and Third Epistles. All are welcome as it is the first night of the course tomorrow. The class meets at Maranatha Chapel and starts at 7 pm.

This Sunday evening I will be speaking at the Maranatha Chapel’s Sunday evening service. The meeting begins at 6 pm and I will be speaking on the subject, “Using Prophecy”. Prophecy is important but it should not result in just a bunch of head knowledge of future events. This message will seek to identify what the practical application of prophecy is for us today. All are welcome..and “all’ means “all” 😉

My Testimony Videos

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Authority, Responsibility and Control

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The slides for part 1 of this series on authority are linked below:


The slides for part 2 on responsibility and control over others are linked below:


The slides for part 3 on self control are linked below:


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