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They say that in the 19th century, before there were bankruptcy laws. When one’s financial situation took a turn for the worse, the debtor did only thing he could do, he moved to Texas, the nation’s foremost pro debtor state. Often a notice was nailed to the door of his house, and it just said, “Gone to Texas.”

None of my situations have taken any turns for the worse, but I am going to Texas.  In fact, I’ll only be in San Diego another two weeks. By the end of August I  should be residing at my new home in Prosper, Texas, just north of Dallas.
After 30 years on the Left Coast, I’ve watched San Diego get bluer and bluer. When I newly arrived, Governor Pete Wilson resided in Sacramento.  And then there’s  the cost of living here. Housing prices have skyrocketed during my three decades  herel. My own house went up 200% in the last 20 years. the  homes In Texas i considered were all half the price of my San Diego home.  And gas for 3.99 a gallon! In Texas, you get gas for $1.50 a gallon! And when you’re on a fixed income, like me, you know that having your money go as far as possible is essential.
One usually treats the town where   one has grown up as always being one’s hometown. I    grew up in Dallas. I am not  going to Texas, I’m returning to Texas…
Yes, your right. It is hotter than blazes, especially in August.  And there  is no beach!. But be honest with me:  except for a few surfers among you, how often did you really go to the beach  in any given summer:? 10 times?..I doubt it.  Five times:? Good for you. And the rest of you? 1 time? Not even once? If you are in the last group, you are like those people who join a gym and never go and have to pay dues anyway.
Texas isn’t as red as it used  to be.  But one recognizes  shortly after arriving that there is something different about Texans, even the newly immigrated. Let me give an example. A developer in Prosper wanted to have his homes have a lake view and a beach to boot. Since there was no raw land on a lake available, the developer bought a ranch with a creek running through it, Then he damns the creek at both ends and finally adds water  filters , a wave machine and 25 truckloads of white sand. I’m sure some laws and regulations were ignored, but you got to admit it shows a real “can do” attitude.sorely missing in Lala land.
I could go on but i think it is enough for me to be one of 186,000 Californians who have moved to Texas in just the last 12 months. Of course, I am going to miss a great many of you. if not all, :-). and besides, you can come visit me in my Texas sized home. Don’t forget to bring a sweater because i’ll be crankin the A/C and you’ll be shivering.., So consider yourself invited. …
Randy Broberg

Book Tour to Christ Fellowship, McKinney Texas.

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In the middle of July, I returned to Dallas (my home town) and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of the approximately 75 people who attended my presentation, “Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime.” I continue to be amazed at two things : (1) how warm and friendly are the people in the Lone Star State and (2)  how people can live right through 7 digit temperatures in that dagnabbed Texas summer.

I will be returning to Dallas again this fall, upon the invitation of Believers Chapel, where attended as a teenager.

Arrangements are being made for the book tour to continue. I’ll keep you posted.

Next stop on book tour: Calvary Chapel, Santee

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I’m excited to discuss my book “Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime”  in Santee, California tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to seeing my many friends in the church shepherded by my buddy, Pastor Gary Lawton


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First, the launch last Wednesday, June 26 was very successful. An enthusiastic group of about 500 people heard my message about healing and my testimony, especially how God has used Parkinson’s Disease to return me to a relationship with Him.  my entire message is available at Maranathachapel.org in video

Second, we sold out of my book, Overcoming, with160 copies acquired.  Many people bought multiple copies to give to friends and family.

Third, 13 families requested being part of the new growth group for those facing chronic or otherwise serious illnesses.


This group will use my book, Overcoming, for its curriculum. Please purchase and bring your book with you to the group. The book is available online (Amazon and Barnes & Noble] in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and Apple I-books versions. The book is also available in the Maranatha Chapel bookstore.

This group will meet once a month on the 3rd Thursday. The first meeting will be Thursday, July 18th. Group will meet from 7-8: 30 pm.

The group will meet at the IHOP in Rancho Bernardo at 16759 Bernardo Center Drive. There is a private room in the back that has been reserved for the group. You are welcome to order food while you are there, but it is not required.

Please let me know if you want to be a part of this new group by sending me an email to RandyBroberg@gmail.com .

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me  or the Growth Group office at GrowthGroups@maranathachapel.org or by calling the church office at 858-613-7800  by asking to leave a message for Jean Guldner

Overcoming The Trials Of A Lifetime Book Launch

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Come to Maranatha Chapel’s Wednesday Night Revive

June 26th 2019 For Randy Broberg’s Book Launch

My reactions to being dianosed with Parkinson’s — excerpted from my book

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Here is an excerpt from my new book titled, Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime, subtitled, Finding Meaning and Joy in the Midst of Afflictions, Illness and Hardships (My book is available for purchase at Amazon and a number of other retailers.)


I was diagnosed with what they call Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. In 2000 and when I was only 38.  Now I am 58.

That was rough. When you lay a twenty-, thirty-, or forty-year decline estimate on someone who’s already seventy or eighty, many of the issues with Parkinson’s would occur after average life expectancy. When you’re thirty-eight, you get to ride through all those times.

Parkinson’s is incurable, progressive, and degenerative. It just gets worse. There are no Parkinson’s survivors. It never lets go of you. It never goes away. I didn’t have a lot of options for coping with the situation. I wasn’t counting it as joy nearly two decades ago when I was diagnosed.

I was shocked. I had plans. I had goals. I had career objectives. I was doing well in my career. Everything I had worked so hard for was in the palm of my hand. My life was going great. I had all kinds of things lined up. My life was in order. Suddenly, I was told that in ten years, I’d be in a nursing home. I didn’t have time for this! I had things to do.

I asked myself (not God), Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? My children were toddlers, and I thought, Will I ever dance at my daughter’s wedding?

First came denial. There must be a mistake. What else could cause these same symptoms? Maybe there were more doors I could choose. Could it really be that Parkinson’s was my best outcome?

Second, came anger. I complained, “Why me? It is so unfair. I don’t deserve this.” I was filled with anger. I paid my taxes. I hadn’t hurt anyone. I wasn’t out robbing banks or selling drugs. Why would God single me out for punishment?

Third, there came an emotional response reacting to my feeling that my getting Parkinson’s was unjust.  But this time my request was less that I would be spared, but more that people more unworthy should be diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  I thought, Why don’t you punish that person? I don’t like him very much, and he probably deserves it.  I named the names! You can understand what was going through my mind and how I would think that way, right? There are so many evil people in the world God could let get Parkinson’s. God, go turn your anger to those people.

Maranatha to sell my book starting June 13.

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Great  News!

My book: Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime/Finding meaning and joy amidst afflictions, illness, and hardships, will go on sale beginning tomorrow June 13 at the Maranatha Bookstore.

Further, Wednesday evening, June 26 the Revive service will be about the book. I will be sharing my testimony and will sign books for those who want it.

Find Meaning and Joy in the Midst of Afflictions, Illness and Hardships

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Overcoming The Trials Of A Lifetime Book Cover Image

As you may already know my book titled #Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime, subtitled Finding Meaning and Joy in the Midst of Afflictions, Illness and Hardships is available for purchase at Amazon and a number of other retailers.

That being said #Maranatha #Chapel will be launching my book June 26th at Wednesday Night Revive. Worship will start at 7pm (as usual) and then I will be sharing my #testimony and the #lessons from the #book.

Copies of my book will be sold in the Maranatha Chapel Book Store where I will be signing books for anyone who wants me to.

Maranatha Chapel is located at 10752 Coastwood Rd, San Diego, CA 92127. I hope to see you there and talk to you soon. https://randybroberg.com/book

Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime

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Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime –finding meaning and joy in the midst of afflictions, illness, and hardship“.

About the Author

Randy Broberg is a lay pastor at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego, California. He is also a professor at the Maranatha Bible College and a leader of his church’s men’s ministry. Randy has practiced intellectual property law for 23 years and was a partner of several large law firms and served as a firmwide department chair.

Randy was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 1999 at the age of 38. During the first ten years after diagnosis, Randy continued practicing law and began teaching at his local church. He ended his law practice in 2010.

Randy continues to preach and teach at Maranatha, but he devotes his primary attention to life-coaching young men ages 22 to 40.

Randy has degrees in both classical studies and European history from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor of Law degree from the University of Virginia. He also attended the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece and the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy.

For 30 years Randy has been married to his wife, Justine. They have two sons and a daughter.

About the Book.

Randy’s Explanation for Why He Wrote the Book: “About a year ago, a good friend who had just been diagnosed with incurable leukemia asked me what my “coping strategy” was. I was shocked to realize that after 19 years with Parkinson’s Disease, I wasn’t really sure what my coping strategy was. I think I mumbled something like, “leave a legacy” and “take one day at a time.” There’s nothing wrong with those two ideas, but I felt I should have had a better answer.  My intent in writing Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime was to encourage those suffering from chronic pain and illness and to help them cope.  In the quest for a better coping strategy, I began a study of the Bible to see if it could help me cope. I found the answers I was looking for in both the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and the New Testament: Joy and happiness do not come from your circumstances, they come from God through your spirit.”

Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime is a book that can help anyone suffering from an affliction, illness or trial and their spouses, family, and friends. Many people who are not currently experiencing hardships but know people who are can share a blessing from this book.

The book includes also the narrative of my early zeal for God which I set aside during college and did not have again until 17 years later when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It is a story of a prodigal son, who returned home only after his spiritual life was turned upside down.

Topics addressed in the book include: why we suffer, how God works everything for our good, how many ways God heals, coping with Parkinson’s, the power of prayer, when life seems unfair, experiencing God’s power in our lives, dealing with doubts, how and why we should thank God for everything, even the hardships we go through. and many others.

Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime is a book that can help anyone suffering from an affliction, illness or trial and their spouses, family, and friends. Many people who are not currently experiencing hardships but know people who are can share a blessing from this book.

Barnes & Noble now stocking my book, ‘Overcoming the Trials of a Lifetime

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Here’s a link to B&N page with my book:



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