Lesson 5 of the Story of the Bible: From Malachi to Matthew

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Slides for From Malachi to Matthew are at the link below.

story of the bible from malachi to matthew no pics


Lesson 4 of The Story of the Bible: Mosaic and Davidic Covenants

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At the link below are the slides from Lesson 4 of  The Story of the Bible: Mosaic and Davidic Covenants.

story of the bible other covenants

Teaching 1 and 2 Thessalonians

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The Spring Semester of the Maranatha Bible College I have agreed to teach First and Second Thessalonians. These letters are crucial to our understanding of prophetic events to come, especially the so-called “Rapture” and the Great Tribulation.  The class will begin some date in February. I will update this blog as time “draweth nigh”.

Slides from Lesson 3 of the Story of the Bible: God’s Covenant with Abraham

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Slides from the Second Lesson of The Story of the Bible: The Old Testament in Historical Context



Slides from Lesson 1 of the Story of the Bible: God’s Eternal Plan of the Ages in One Hour

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This new class met the first time Saturday, December 2 at the IHOP in Rancho Bernardo. The next lesson this coming Saturday at 7 AM. Next week’s lesson: the entire Old Testament in historical order and in context with non-Bible history: in one hour!

Story of the Bible Lesson 1

Maranatha Mens Ministry Audios

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I recently uncovered a number of audio recordings of my teaching at the Maranatha Men’s Ministry. If you want to listen to them, go to the web pages I’ve linked and then find the date of the recording you are looking for based on the list below.


08/27/17 Hey, Watch Your Language


03/28/17 How to read the Bible–with purpose.

02/07/17 Authority and Responsibility Part 3

01/32/17 Authority and Responsibility Part 2

(Unfortunately, Authority and Responsibility Part 1 was not recorded)


09/27/16 Nick at Night: Jesus witnesses to a Pharisee


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