Tonight’s Final Church History Lesson: The Great Awakening and the Methodists


Tonight we study John Wesley and George Whitefield, the preachers of the first Great Awakening and the founders of the Methodist Church. Their lifelong friendship suffered a break on account of disagreements over God’s sovereignty and free will. This isn’t the first time or the last time brothers have crossed each other over those doctrines. But can we learn from history?

MCCH49 Methodists

TONIGHT’S LESSON: the Pietists

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here are tonight’s slides


Just Two Church History Classes Remaining

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We have just two church history classes remaining. On October 10 we will examine the Pietist movement. We will conclude Church History Part 4 on October 17 with a look at the Methodists, especially John Wesley.

REPOSTING Separatist slides

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I didn’t see the slides on the site for the Separatists so I am reposting.

MCCHIST 4.7 Separatists

Tonight’s Class: Puritans


Besides covering Puritans generally, tonight we will take an iMCCHIST 4.6 Puritansndepth look at Richard Baxter, the Puritan’s Puritan.

Tonight’s Class:: John Knox, Rebel with a Cause

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We leave John Calvin and now fly to Scotland where John Knox, called more Calvinist than Calvin, brings a reformation in Scotland born in violence.
MCCHIST 4.5 john knox

tonight’s slides: Calvin and 9/11

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Yes we have Church History class tonight. (9/12)

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We will study John Calvin and the second generation of the Reformation. 7pm, High School room.

correction NO Class this Monday due to Labor Day Weekend

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I have previously posted the slides on Calvin. We will continue on September 12  to examine this important historical figure. Please invite others you know who may be interested to attend.

promised last address of Calvin from his deathbed

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With my whole soul I embrace the mercy which [God] has
exercised towards me through Jesus Christ, atoning for my
sins with the merits of his death and passion, that in this
way he might satisfy for all my crimes and faults, and blot
them from his remembrance. . . . I confess I have failed
innumerable times to execute my office properly, and had
not He, of His boundless goodness, assisted me, all that
zeal had been fleeting and vain. . . . For all these reasons, I
testify and declare that I trust to no other security for my
salvation than this, and this only, viz., that as God is the
Father of mercy, he will show himself such a Father to me,
who acknowledge myself to be a miserable sinner.

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