They say that in the 19th century, before there were bankruptcy laws. When one’s financial situation took a turn for the worse, the debtor did only thing he could do, he moved to Texas, the nation’s foremost pro debtor state. Often a notice was nailed to the door of his house, and it just said, “Gone to Texas.”

None of my situations have taken any turns for the worse, but I am going to Texas.  In fact, I’ll only be in San Diego another two weeks. By the end of August I  should be residing at my new home in Prosper, Texas, just north of Dallas.
After 30 years on the Left Coast, I’ve watched San Diego get bluer and bluer. When I newly arrived, Governor Pete Wilson resided in Sacramento.  And then there’s  the cost of living here. Housing prices have skyrocketed during my three decades  herel. My own house went up 200% in the last 20 years. the  homes In Texas i considered were all half the price of my San Diego home.  And gas for 3.99 a gallon! In Texas, you get gas for $1.50 a gallon! And when you’re on a fixed income, like me, you know that having your money go as far as possible is essential.
One usually treats the town where   one has grown up as always being one’s hometown. I    grew up in Dallas. I am not  going to Texas, I’m returning to Texas…
Yes, your right. It is hotter than blazes, especially in August.  And there  is no beach!. But be honest with me:  except for a few surfers among you, how often did you really go to the beach  in any given summer:? 10 times?..I doubt it.  Five times:? Good for you. And the rest of you? 1 time? Not even once? If you are in the last group, you are like those people who join a gym and never go and have to pay dues anyway.
Texas isn’t as red as it used  to be.  But one recognizes  shortly after arriving that there is something different about Texans, even the newly immigrated. Let me give an example. A developer in Prosper wanted to have his homes have a lake view and a beach to boot. Since there was no raw land on a lake available, the developer bought a ranch with a creek running through it, Then he damns the creek at both ends and finally adds water  filters , a wave machine and 25 truckloads of white sand. I’m sure some laws and regulations were ignored, but you got to admit it shows a real “can do” attitude.sorely missing in Lala land.
I could go on but i think it is enough for me to be one of 186,000 Californians who have moved to Texas in just the last 12 months. Of course, I am going to miss a great many of you. if not all, :-). and besides, you can come visit me in my Texas sized home. Don’t forget to bring a sweater because i’ll be crankin the A/C and you’ll be shivering.., So consider yourself invited. …
Randy Broberg