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“First class. Compelling presenter, adept at engaging toughest of audiences, deep and broad in all aspects of IP and mining this for illustrative examples. We co authored and delivered “IP in the real world” for UCSD Extension EPSE program – now running several years. Randy is a pleasure to work with. I appreciate his dry wit, openness and ability to add context and perspective to any discussion.”
– Advisory Board Member, Executive Perspective for Scientists and Engineers

“Randy knows what he’s doing and appreciates the need to provide legal services efficiently/economically.”
– General Counsel, defense & aerospace technology company.

“I have known Randy for over 10 years and have worked with him on several transactions. The scope of our work included a wide variety of initiatives, which included licensing transactions, supply agreements and master service agreements. Randy is a true expert in his field and I was very appreciative of his level of knowledge and attention to detail. With his assistance, we were always able to craft “iron clad” agreements and I felt very confident in the work that we did together. Additionally, he is also very personable and extremely accountable. I highly recommend Randy for taking care of your legal matters.”
– Sr. VP, Biotechnology company

“I have worked with Randy both as a colleague and across the table on business deals. Randy is an excellent attorney who blends substantive expertise with a very practical and collaborative approach. I highly recommend Randy and the legal services that he provides.”
– Partner, Baker & McKenzie

“While I was a CFO I had the opportunity to work with Randy on more than one occasion on licensing and other business transactions. I was pleased with the results, as Randy was able to put together the documents and assist in negotiations in an expert, cost effective and timely manner. Randy established a high level of confidence with me in the services that he provided.”
– Investment Banker

“Randy is an extremely intelligent and hard-working attorney who takes a business-oriented approach to solving his clients’ problems. I highly recommend him.”
– Litigation Partner, K&L Gates LLP

“Randy is a consummate professional in his space. He helped structure two deals with successful outcomes. Randy’s ability to understand complex and forward thinking ideas make him the right choice for any deal. We will be engaging him again.”
– Internet Entrepeneur

“Randy works very well with a variety of people and provides excellent results. I believe you cannot go wrong having him do work for you.”
– UCSD Program Director

“I’ve come to rely on Randy’s legal advice for several years now and I highly recommend him to anyone in the media business.”
– Magazine Publisher

“I have known Randy for years and we have worked on several client matters together; we also regularly exchange ideas about legal issues affecting our specialties in intellectual property and licensing law. What has impressed me most – aside from Randy’s overall enthusiasm and good humor – is the combination of Randy’s legal knowledge combined with real-world practical business sense. In fact, the only regret I have is that we don’t get to work on more cases together.”
– Owner, Branfman Law Group, P.C.

“Randy is a fantastic intellectual property lawyer, both imaginative and practical. I recommend him highly and without any reservation whatsoever.”
– IP Litigation Attorney

“I have known Randy for 30 years, since we were in college together at Stanford. Randy is a very intelligent, very focused, and a very talented person. He is a great lawyer who is dedicated, gets results, and above all, has the highest ethical standards. I can recommend Randy without qualification.”
– Vice President, Government Relations, McAfee

“When I worked with Randy he was always coming up with innovative ideas, delighting the press and responding to incoming media requests at rapid fire speed. A pleasure to work, reporters would often ask to speak with him again and again and again.”
– President, PR agency

“Working with Randy has always been a pleasure both on a professional and personal level. Randy has a unique talent for getting to the heart of the matter, and capturing and resolving its legal and practical implications. He uses a business-minded approach to find creative solutions to legal issues, and to bring resolution. I whole-heartedly recommend Randy for all corporate law issues and needs.”
– Entrepreneur

“Randy was our General Counsel, highly respected and extremely effective in all legal matters of our business. I especially appreciated his seasoned approach which was a balance of both the legal and business perspectives.”
– SVP Human Resources, Internet Company

“Randy has proved himself time and again to be an invaluable team member for time critical commercial contracts. He is incredibly responsive and shows excellent insight into business issues while providing first-rate legal advice.”
– General Counsel, Telecommunications company.

“Randy was extremely helpful and responsive to difficult questions issues regarding user privacy. He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and thorough with his assistance. I recommend his advice and assistance whole-heartedly.”
– Chief Privacy Officer, Plaxo

“Mr. Broberg provides strategic, useful advice. He can be counted on to provide business solutions to legal challenges. He possesses a “can-do” attitude and provides timely results. I place Mr. Broberg among the top lawyers in his class and highly recommend him.”
– Senior Counsel, Defense & Aerospace Company

“Randy did a tremendous job. He had a clear understanding of both the business needs of the organization and a deep understanding of every nuance of California state and federal law. He was also invaluable in dealing with privacy and intellectual property issues. I highly recommend him.”
– Director of Business Development, Internet Company

“Randy provides quality effort and I have never been disappointed. He is versatile with a broad range of knowledge. In his discussions he comes across as the honest and fair; but, maintains the competitive spirit that he is. Of the many lawyers that I know and worked with, he is my pick for advice, counsel, or instruction.”
– Chairman and CEO, Agri-Bio Company

“My business partner and I looked long and hard for an attorney with whom we felt comfortable. It took us a while to locate the right resource for our business, but Randy was worth the search. The subject matter relating to our legal need was new and complex to us and Randy took the time to carefully explain the details in a clear & professional manner. He was prompt, thorough and has a very personable manner. He clearly knows his stuff.”
– Entrepreneur

i have been a client of randy broberg’s for 13 years….and he has participated in some way at the founding of each of my last 4 companies…..i wouldn’t start a project without him…..in terms of value, there is no question that he is one of the most efficient attorneys i have ever worked with and with respect to his legal acumen in his field of intellectual property, he ranks at the top of the heap….”
– Internet Entrepreneur

An excellent, no nonsense attorney who really understands clients’ needs in the technology area.”
– Sr. VP, Telecommunications Company

“Randy is an exceptional attorney with an interest in the technical side of Internet businesses that is refreshing and makes working with him a great pleasure. He and I worked together at WebSideStory (now Visual Sciences) in the startup days. His counsel helped to protect the product and the business in the early days of Web analytics. More recently, he has been an invaluable friend and adviser to me as an Internet business owner.”
– Internet Entrepreneur

“Since 1996, Randy has handled the trademark and intellectual property issues for most of the emerging technology companies with which I’ve been involved. What I’ve been most impressed with is first, Randy’s grasp and knowledge of the subject matter, and second, his ability to think like a business person. In one case, we were confronted with litigation, and he advised us to negotiate directly with the CEO of the other company. Bottom line: The issues were resolved, and we saved a considerable amount of money.”
– Internet Entrepreneur

“From my experience having worked with Randy in the same law firm, he is an excellent IP lawyer and is especially skilled in trademark protection and exploitation of IP assets.”
– Patent Counsel, Townsend

“Randy is a great lawyer and a tremendous asset to any company. He is strategic, detail oriented, and works well with other people. He was crucial to the early success of WebSideStory (now Visual Sciences).”
– Corporate Communications Manager (Acting Marketing Manager), Internet Company

“Excellent professional!”
– Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Conexant Systems, Inc.

“Randy is one of the most ethical, hard-working individuals I have ever met. He has the rare ability to truly understand the business side of a legal agreement. More important, he has the vision to see how potential legal changes can impact a business 1+ years down the road.”
– Director of Business Development, Internet Company

“I worked very closely with Randy, he’s not only an excellent attorney but a genuine friendly person to work with. Randy understands very well technology, he can speak in front of hundreds of people, talk code to an engineer and the next minute discuss financial statements with a CFO. Every high tech company needs a Randy.”
– Internet Entrepreneur

“I worked with Randy on several projects launching new products and services. One of Randy’s finest attributes is his in-depth understanding of the high tech market and its various implications (licensing rights, agreements, etc.). His knowledge of the high-tech industry helped us more smoothly launch various products while knowing we had the best legal resource available.”
– Sr. Marketing Consultant, Internet Company

“It was a pleasure to work with Randy. His well-considered and practical approach to corporate law made him an ideal corporate counsel. Randy is also a true pioneer in online privacy law and brought many of the issues to the forefront of our thinking well ahead of the market demand.”
– Vice President, Business Development, Internet Company.

“Randy has always been one of those people that only spoke when he had something to say, and believe me, it was always on point and exactly what was needed. His professionalism and “team” manner of performing business has always been a trait I have respected.”
– Manager, Baker & McKenzie

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