My audio of my teaching of 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 (the Rapture Chapter)

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Here you can stream or download audio of my teaching of 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4, which together with 1 Corinthians 15 teaches us that those who remain alive at His Coming will be changed from a corruptible to an incorruptible body (a “translation”) and then be caught up in the air to greet Christ at his coming, together with the resurrected believers who had died.




Audio of the Story of the Bible NT Flyover Part 2 Missions Strategy

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I finally figured out how to use my pocket size digital recorder with a small mic attached to my collar.

Accordingly, please find below a link to an MP3 file with the audio, warts and all, of the First Century Mission Strategy.

warning: it is over an hour in length


I  hope I’ll be able to do this for the rest of the series.

Maranatha Mens Ministry Audios

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I recently uncovered a number of audio recordings of my teaching at the Maranatha Men’s Ministry. If you want to listen to them, go to the web pages I’ve linked and then find the date of the recording you are looking for based on the list below.


08/27/17 Hey, Watch Your Language


03/28/17 How to read the Bible–with purpose.

02/07/17 Authority and Responsibility Part 3

01/32/17 Authority and Responsibility Part 2

(Unfortunately, Authority and Responsibility Part 1 was not recorded)


09/27/16 Nick at Night: Jesus witnesses to a Pharisee


Respecting, Using and Obeying Prophecy

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Last night I spoke on this topic at the Maranatha Chapel Sunday evening service. Here are the slides.


And here you will find MP3 Audio of the lesson (it ends abruptly, sorry about that)




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Last week I gave a presentation to the Maranatha Men about being thankful on thanksgiving. I already posted a PDF of the slides from that message, but here now available to you is the audio/vidio version. My actual talk appears halfway into the recording around the 00:21 mark. You can single click the scroll bar and drag it to the right if you want to bypass the mens’ meeting introductory comments.

Here is the link:

Study in New Testament Prophecy

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I have posted 15 hours of classes on New Testament Prophecy on the Topics page of this website.

You may stream the audio or right click and save to download a copy of the file.

Find the study at this page:


Topics included are:

Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth

30 Days to a More Powerful Prophecy Vocabulary

Prophecy in the Gospels.

The Mount of Olives Discourse

The Rapture

The Restoration of Israel

Prophecy According to Jesus

The Second Advent

The Millennial Kingdom

Last Things (the eternal state).

A Man of Your Word: slides from Maranatha Mens Training Camp last week

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See attached for  the slides from last weeks Maranatha Mens Training Camp covering James Chapter 5.


For the video and audio of this message follow this link:


It is Message #31.

Finding Joy Despite Circumstances.

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Yesterday I spoke at Cross Connection Escondido on the topic of being joyful despite your circumstances. The message is now available in both Audio mp3 and in video for streaming at the link below:






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Click the link for my AUDIO LESSONS IN THE ‘why we believe the bible series.’

Giving Thanks

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This is an audio recording of a message I gave on Saturday evening before Thanksgiving. The message was at Cross Connection, Escondido and was entitled, Giving Thanks.



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