Streaming MP3 Audio “Top Ten Works of the Holy Spirit”

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The already and the not yet.

Streaming MP3 Audio of “Living in the Last Days”

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“so you believe you are living in the last days….what are you going to do about it?”


Streaming MP3 Audio of “The Power of Weak Faith”

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“Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief”

Streaming MP3 Audio of “Faith’s Midlife Crisis”

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“don’t put God in a box”

Streaming MP3 Audio of “Joy: Gotta Have it”

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“how to be happy when times are tough”

Top Ten Works of the Holy Spirit

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Slides from “Top Ten Works of the Holy Spirit”

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Attached are the slides from my message, “Top Ten Works of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of Believers” delivered October 9, 2013, at Maranatha Chapel.

For now you can access the recorded service at www.maranathachapel.org.  I will be posting it to Youtube soon and will post a link to it here when it is ready.


A Few of My Favorite People 4: Bruce B. Miller

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Bruce and I have been very close, if not best, friends since Middle School in Dallas, Texas in the early 1970s.  Bruce, more than any other person, consistently prayed for me for 17 years when I was in my Prodigal Son period.  When everyone outside my family had given up on me, Bruce kept right on praying. Bruce is an author, church renewal consultant and senior pastor of a very large church in McKinney, Texas (called Christ Fellowship).


A few of My Favorite People 2: Gene Getz

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Gene Getz was my first pastor, at Fellowship BIble Church in Dallas Texas, where he baptized me in 1974.


Speaking at Maranatha Chapel, Wednesday, 9 pm, October 9, 2013


My tentative topic (as of now) is “Top Ten Works of the Holy Spirit.”

I hope you will attend.

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