Two Kinds of Wisdom, James 3:13-18

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Here is a link to my message last night to the Maranatha Men about Wisdom from James 3:13-18. True, godly wisdom, comes from above and is evidenced by our character and conduct in our relationships with other people.  The message starts about  halfway through the service, so you can advance the video if you don’t want to wait.


Online Interactive Web Bible Study

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Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ.

For the last year I have conducted an online Bible study using Google Plus Hangouts. This is not a recording it is live, interactive and fully audio and video. The participants can all see each other as well as the teacher and also shared files and screens. Our ages have ranged from 22 to 84 years old.

Starting tomorrow evening at 7 PM PDT, I will begin a class at Maranatha Bible College (an affiliate of Calvary Chapel Bible College) incorporating both a classroom option and a Google Hangout option. We will study 1 Corinthians for the next 15 weeks. There is no cost with the Google Hangout option.

If you are interested in attending or you just want me to explain how you can do this too, please email me or send a private reply to this message.

Randy Broberg 

Video of Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions.


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Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 16 at 7 pm in Calvary Chapel, Santee, I will be making a video and lecture presentation on how we identify and counter worldviews, prejudices, presuppositions and assumptions on television.

We will focus on two examples: a HBO movie called “Sunset Limited” and a PBS NOVA documentary called “Alien from Earth.” All are welcome.

Superbowl of Life: Interviewing Stephen Neal

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I had great fun interviewing my friend Stephen Neal: 2 X NCAA wrestling champion; 4 time AFC champion New England Patriot; 3 time Superbowl champion. 10 years as Patriots’ starting Right Guard.  To skip the music, move the scroll bar to half way point.




Putting God in a Box– link to video

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I spoke last weekend at Cross Connection in Escondido, California. The message was called “Putting God in a Box.”

Power of Weak Faith

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Last weekend I spoke at the Cross Connection (formerly known as Calvary Chapel Escondido) on the topic of weak faith. Both video and audio downloads are available at this link:


Live interactive video chat Bible Study


On Monday nights from 8 to 930 I host a bible study in a Google plus hangout. We are studying Colossians. If you are interested in joining us, please email me back or post a reply.

How Do You Know When God is Calling You? VIDEO

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Raw video of the entire Men’s Training Camp with my message, How Do You Know When God is Calling You?, is on the web page below.  My message is after the music and announcements.



“Experiencing God’s Power” MP3 Audio version

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Here’s an audio version of my message from last summer at Maranatha Chapel.  The video of this message has already been posted on this site.  If you want easy access to videos of my messages, go to Youtube.com and search “Randy Broberg”.

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