Being Saved

Being Saved isn’t never falling down.
It’s God catching us when we fall.

Being Saved isn’t never running away.
It’s God being wherever we run.

Being Saved isn’t never turning our back.
It’s about God’s open arms.

Being Saved isn’t measuring up.
It’s God loving us when we come up short.

Says Noah: Being Saved is waiting for God to provide a way out.

Says Abraham: Being Saved is learning to trust God to keep His promises.

Says Moses: Being Saved is needing God’s patience waiting for us to serve Him.

Says Joshua: Being Saved is trusting God to surmount un-surmountable obstacles.

Says Samson: Being Saved is learning to rely on God’s strength, not ours.

Says David: Being Saved is accepting God’s fatherly discipline.

Says Daniel: Being Saved is expecting God’s protection through our trials.

Says Peter: Being Saved is God not denying us, even if we have denied Him.

Says Paul: Being Saved is glorying in God’s grace, and not our works.

Being Saved is God being faithful, even when we have doubts.

Being Saved is about the love of God, who loves sinners such as we.

Being Saved is feeling God’s salvation each and every day.

Being Saved accepting Him as our Lord and Savior every day.