Are you prepared?

Prepared for what?

Prepared for life. Prepared for new life. Prepared for eternal life. Prepared for your life to change.

How do I prepare?

Well you could figure it out on your own but I have a better idea: come to PREPARE Monday nights starting October 1 at 7 PM in the Maranatha bookstore.

PREPARE isn’t your typical class nor is it sermon series.

Rather the emphasis will be on training and equipping in the practical aspects of Christian living. The format will be a short introductory message followed by small group discussions utilizing role-playing and hypotheticals designed to prepare you to live your life as a Christian with challenges facing you in every direction.

What preparation will be covered?

We will start with the fundamentals, the foundations and the cornerstones. In the beginning, we will examine things like the importance of Bible reading, how to pray, how to witness, what is real fellowship, and how you know whether you are having an impact on others.

After that will cover topics addressing family and life issues like parenting, divorce, marriage, sickness, aging, retirement, etc. You might not be interested in every topic but some of them are sure to get your attention.

How do I prepare for PREPARE?

You need to sign up in the Maranatha bookstore.