This is a reminder that I am teaching two classes in the Maranatha Bible College beginning next week. Although both classes ara for credit for MBC students, they are open to any one at all who wants to attend.

The first of the two classes is the Gospel of Mark. We will be marching right through the Gospel of Mark, a chapter a week, for 16 weeks. This class will meet once per week on Tuesdays from 3 to 5 pm. Note that it is in the afternoon and that it starts this coming Tuesday.

The second of the two classes is called “Worldviews: Engaging the TV Culture”. I am very excited about this class. Each week we will be watching a television program episode and then we will discuss what we have watched. But these won’t be ordinary programs; they will be Nova episodes about Neanderthals, Larry King interviewing Joel Osteen, professors attacking the Bible and Jesus in so-called documentaries, and even a dramatic program starring Tommy Lee Jones as a suicidal athiest professor who is being kept form committing suicide by Samuel L. Jackson, playing an excon who got saved in the pen. The format will be casual and extemporaneous. I want it to be as much like watching a program in your living room with friends as possible. To avoid claiming yet another weekday evening and to not require students who are taking regular Bible classes to have to choose between them, we have scheduled this class for Saturday mornings, from 9 to 11 am.

Randy Broberg