The 1493-94 blood moon “tetrad” came after, not before, the 1492 expulsion of the Jews from Spain and the discovery of the Americas.

The 1949-50 blood moon “tetrad” came after, not before, the 1948 creation of the nation Israel.

The 1967-68 blood moon “tetrad” came after, not before, the recapture of Jerusalem in the Six Day War.

Consequently, for the pattern to be repeated it, there should have been a major event affecting the Jews comparable to what happened with the previous three tetrads BEFORE last night’s blood moon eclipse. Note also that the Arab Israeli war in 1956, the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and the Lebanon Conflict of 1981 were not signaled by lunar eclipses and so one would have expected something more significant than these to have happened before last night’s eclipse.

If nothing has happened of comparable significance to the creation of Israel or the capture  of the Temple Mount, than the only conclusion that can be reached is either there is no pattern of history signified by lunar eclipses.