One week from today (Saturday, September 12 at 8:00 to 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall at Maranatha Chapel, San Diego), I will be presenting my life-changing workshop called “How to Read the Bible: with Purpose!”

This workshop is designed to jump start your daily devotional reading of Scripture and enhance your relationship with God. Besides the “with purpose” technique, we will also cover and how one can integrate the reading of Scripture with personal worship.

This will not be a lecture. After some brief introductory remarks you will be sent on a treasure  hunt in Scripture, both individually and in small groups.  Then we will share with the whole group the wonderful things you will discover.

Some of you may be long-time Christians who think they already know how to read the Bible. That may be true and praise the Lord for that. But even if that is how you look at it, you may still benefit greatly from the workshop because the teaching methods we will utilize in the workshop can be easily adapted by you when you are leading a small group or Bible study.

If you read this blog, it is likely you know that I teach on a wide variety of history, apologetics and theology topics. But let me say that there is no subject I have ever taught  or will ever teach that has a greater likelihood of changing lives than this topic of how to read your Bible.  This workshop doesn’t hand you fish, it teaches you to fish on your own or with small groups.  If you learn this and stick with  it, it will be life changing.

You an sign up for the How to Read the Bible: with purpose! workshop in Maranatha Bookstore.

A $5 donation to cover the cost of the handouts will be accepted.