As you may know, I’m a frequent teacher at the Maranatha Mens Ministry. If you want to access video and/or  slides from the first few chapters of Romans study, then click this link: .  There you will find the raw video of my lessons after announcements and music worship. The slides of the first three are pending but all for have video now. You may have to check back for the rest of the slides.

Human Devolution

Romans 1:18-32 // Randy Broberg // 10/23/18

Here Comes The Judge

Romans 2:1-11 // Randy Broberg // 10/30/18

God’s Righteousness?

Romans 2:12-29 // Randy Broberg // 11/27/18

God is both Just and Justifier

Romans 3:21-31 // Randy Broberg // 12/04/18