Dead Sea Scrolls Expedition.

                After my time in Greece, I went to Israel and had a few adventures with my traveling companion, Todd. The two most notable adventures were in the desert at the Qumran caves and in Jerusalem, at Hezekiah’s tunnel. I thought “Maybe there are more Dead Sea Scrolls out there to be found.” Why not?

                Todd and I went to a fancy rest stop kind of place down by the Dead Sea where there’s a big panel window and you can see the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947-1948. You can identify the caves if you stand in a certain place and look through a window. They were only about a half a mile from where we were standing.

                When I was in the desert sun my eyes were dilated and was squinting because the Sun was so very bright. So, I went into the cave that was dark, as dark as dark could be. I stood there in the dark so that my eyes would adjust.

                It was an easy decision, really, since we knew that we would never be so close to the Qumran caves in our lifetimes. Soon I was out there climbing a cliff and I go into one of the caves. No flashlight, no ropes, no first aid kit. What was I thinking? Soon I was out there climbing a cliff and I go into one of the caves. What was I thinking?

                When my eyes adjusted, I found myself nose-to-nose with an upside-down face of a vampire bat. I ran out of the cave screaming, and that was the end of my Dead Sea Scrolls expedition.