Oh My Heaven!

Going through the book of Revelation recently has made me think a lot about heaven. The picture painted in Revelation chapter 4 and 5 are not anything like the common notion of plucking harps while riding on clouds. I’m thankful that’s the case, because I really like earthly pleasures (I don’t mean here the sinful ones, but things like chocolate or wine or riding on a roller coaster or sailing) and so a kind of spiritual, other-worldy, riding around on clouds doesn’t sound that great to me. Is it wrong for me to think that way?

And the Jesus of Revelation, well, he’s just beyond my imagination, I can’t even picture it. I read what he’s like now in Revelation and he’s not exactly the guy who sat at the well with the Samaritan woman now is he? Talk about intimidating! Is it wrong for me to think that way?

In my idea of heaven, I would be having an endless dinner party, listening to Martin Luther and Augustine and the rest swapping stories, telling tales, and perhaps drilling the apostle Paul with a thousand questions, like, what was really all that “tongues” stuff about really? Women’s heads covered, really? What was that mystery that was revealed to you which you couldn’t disclose? What was your thorn in the flesh? Were you ever married? Did you really have a big fight with James? What happened to you after the book of Acts closed? Was Peter really the first bishop of Rome? Come on, seriously. Is it wrong for me to think that way?

Oh, yeah, and there would be no chores. No dishes to clean. No weeds to pull. No bosses. No harping on each other about all the things that must be done! Is it wrong for me to think that way?

I suppose my heaven is still too carnal and insufficiently filled with worship. Hopefully sanctification continues and what one day might please me will be more spiritual than what does now.